Firmware update

I just received my kit of RVRs. I connected to the first one using my android phone and the firmware update started. However, it got to 17.22% and stopped because my phone signal dropped. I tried to determine if it completed the download but the final direction in the firmware updates directions says to click “Connect” to see if the correct version is there. I seem to be going in circles trying to find where the firmware version is displayed. Is this the “Connect” to robot icon in the app or is there some other “Connect” button I should be clicking? Thanks

Hi @dale.quattrin,

I just posted some screenshots of the firmware version check for RVR in this thread: RVR RaspberryPi 4 model B, Python 3.75, keyboard-control problem

You should be able to just reconnect with the app and restart the update to get your RVR’s working. You can also reach our Customer Support team at if you run into any other issues.


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