Force Band Compatability


New to coding as my eldest has just started at school. I have bought BB8 & R2D2 along with BB9E for my 2 boys and my nephews B’days all coming up. I also purchased with them the Force Bands as my understanding is that the bands can control the bots as especially if they were all in the room at the same time. once receiving the bands in post today I note that it only shows a picture of BB8 & the band and I want to check that they are compatible with R2D2 & BB9E as well.

Many thanks


Hi Zogs!

I have one and it’s compatible with all Star Wars products!

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Hey! Brilliant thanks V much for info :blush: would you say you can code just as much using star wars droids as you can a sphero ball? A lot of the programmes appear to be for spheres but not star wars droid versions. :blush:

Thanks for checking! R2-D2, BB-9, BB-9E can all be programmed using the Sphero Edu app.

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Many thanks, loving this community and am sure there will be lots more questions to be asked :blush::crazy_face::blush:

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