Google sign in loop

I’m trying to have my students sign in using their google accounts. Every time the student hits the “Sign in with Google” they get bumped to the “Choose Your Role” page.

It becomes a never ending loop.

Help, I feel like I am missing a step but he support page states,
“Sign in With Google: Educators and learners can sign up and sign in using an existing Google ID instead of manually creating accounts on Sphero Edu.”

Sounds easy.

Hello Mr Harn,

The sequence of steps is not very clear in the platform, so I made few slides that may help.

The general pattern is:

  • Sign in as teacher using a Google login and go through verification (this allows the account to have students below the age of consent)
  • Sync a classroom with Google
  • Students login and their accounts become activated

So the beginning steps as a teacher should look like these slides:

At this point, when one of the students who was in the Google Classroom logs in with their Google account, they should be asked for their birthdate but, after that, they should be activated in the class and be able to login.

If that’s not happening, it’s best to open a case with Support ( so that all the details can be tracked and the problem can be solved.


Thanks for the help and slides, but I had to open a case with Support.

I already have a Sphero account associated with my school google account. I can not access a “Completes verification process” from my profile page. So on your slides I stop at step 2. I hope the Support people can help me out.

My curiosity question is, Why can’t students not use the normal “sign in with Google” button?

Again thanks for the slides.

There are definitely a few things that aren’t very intuitive in the Edu platform. We’re working on making it easier, and your feedback definitely helps.

I’m not sure if this is affecting you or your students, but one challenge can be with how an account gets created. If someone chooses the “sign up” option and enters a Google email address, the platform is not making an account that is tied to Google login. It’s only when users choose the Google option specifically during signup that they are creating a Google-based account which then will work with the “sign in with Google” button.

I’ll check in with the Support team to see if I can help with your ticket there. Thanks for your patience and help.