How long will it take to get Star Wars app to Sphero BB9e in Play store?

I just bought the bb9e droid but it wasnt a nice surprice that the Star Wars app is no longer in Play Store. Without the app the droid is nothing and I have been thinking should I take it back to the shop I bought it from if there is no idea if or when the app will come back to the play store. How can it been sold still in shops and the internet stores even there is no app for it and this problem is not told to people who want to buy it?

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I will apologize and make Sphero Staffs job a bit easier. The Star Wars app was not intentionally removed, the Play Store accidentally removed it for unknown reasons. The app team is currently working on getting the problem resolved, so please hang tight.

Hey @Emerald_RVR, thank you for jumping in!

Yes, that information is correct. For surprising reasons, we have had issues with the Play Store.
We are indeed working on a fix for as soon as possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


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No problem. I noticed lots of people asking about it and figured I’d help out my favorite team since y’all seemed busy. I may only be 16 and not work for sphero, but I’m always glad to lend a hand when things get full. :blush: