How to control Sphero RVR over the internet using Raspberry Pi [GUIDE]

Hi there Sphero Community!

A couple of months ago I posted our project where we were driving Sphero RVR on the streets of Finland remotely over the internet. A lot of people were wondering how they could replicate the setup, and so we decided to make a guide.

We’ve made a template game that let’s you hook Sphero RVR to and allow anyone to control it remotely. The whole setup takes around 15-20 minutes total, it requires no coding and essentially, it’s just installing an image to the raspi sd card, going through a basic setup on a webpage and you are good to go.

Here’s the guide - Internet controlled SPHERO RVR! - Surrogate.Tv - YouTube

All our Python code is open source so you can mess with the template the way you want (currently it only allows to rotate and go forward and back), but you can probably use the rest of the RVR features too. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any questions, thought this could be a good place to share the project!

Do you have any plans to create a guide on using the RVR sensors with the Pi?

Not at this point, but you can use the Sphero SDK for accessing the sensors, afaik.

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