How To Turn Slowly With Heading?

The following line makes RVR turn super fast.

await rvr.drive_with_heading(speed=1, heading=90, flags=DriveFlagsBitmask.none.value)

Is there a way to make it turn slowly?

Hi @jl303,

With the currently released firmware, the only way is to step the heading value in smaller increments in a loop.

We have a firmware release candidate in testing that adds the ability to control RVR’s turn rates in several different ways, among other new driving features. Because of priority juggling between product lines, I can’t give a release date right now for this update, but we’re pushing hard to get it out.

You can check out some notes I wrote up on the upcoming features here. A few things have changed since then, but not much: RVR Firmware Update Preview

Happy programming!