Hybrid Control

I am trying to determine whether it is possible to have a Sphero device run user code, while ALSO being “driven” by the coder from Sphero App using the “drive” interface.

Example Use Case

Ability to Self Drive RVR running:
On Start Program
Broadcast Communications on Channels 0 and 1

Then set up a Bolt to run
On Start Program
Follow channels 0 and 1

Coder then has the challenge of evading the chasing Bolt.

I can find no where in the documentation, how I might implement this…

Any Ideas?

Thanks in anticipation
Trying to achieve a Happy Christmas Game of RVR Bolt Tag!!!

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Happy Monday, @adrius42!

That sounds like a lovely thing to do with the grandkids :relaxed:

The first thing that I wanted to note is that you’ll need at least two devices: one to control the RVR and one to control the BOLT. I would imagine there is at least one smart phone in the family?

Have you seen our RVR/BOLT IR sample project? This does require a Raspberry Pi, but I think that may be the only way to control the RVR in real time while also running a program on it… :confused: There are options (in the Communications section of the code blocks in the app) for both following and evading (and broadcasting), so you could have one smart phone connected to the BOLT running the “follow” command and another smart phone connected to the RVR running the “evade” command, if you don’t want to get involved with a Raspberry Pi (which would create a chase, but wouldn’t allow for driving).

Let me know if the Raspberry Pi project might work for you and about any other ideas you come up with for having fun with your RVR and your grandkids :relaxed:


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