Idea gathering for a project

My RVR has not arrived yet, but I am starting to get together some ideas and prepare what I want to use it for.
I am an artist and want to use the RVR with a custom mounted LED to drive some patterns and thus create light art photography. Putting an RGB LED on it won’t be an issue, that one is easy enough. Probably drive it with an Arduino or Pi if the RVR can’t control it directly.
What I am still unsure about is how to implement the drive control.

What I need is to be able to store some patterns or drive paths maybe on my phone or on an SD card. There the Pi probably comes into play. But then I need to be able to put the RVR down somewhere and see how much room I have in the location I want to use it. So lets say I have stored a drive path formed like a star with whatever dimensions, then I need to be able to go to a location and see that I have a space of for example 10 by 10 meter available. So then I want to put in those measurements so the drive path is scaled to cover that area.

From a coding point of view that won’t be a problem. I am familiar with pure C, python, java and can probably get into any other language fast enough to get a program going for this.
Just not 100% sure on the best approach on the hardware side here. If I use a Pi I could put in all the calculations on it maybe make some web interface to select a pattern and put in needed dimensions, then let the Pi create a wifi that I can connect to with my mobile. Just letting it run from mobile is probably not the best option because I might get out of reach of bluetooth and can’t really follow the RVR around. Only concern here might be if something goes haywire and the RVR drives autonomously controlled by the Pi I need to put in some emergency stop or something like that.

So I am happy for input if someone already played around a bit with semi autonomous driving the RVR and/or has an idea how to best approach this concept.

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I’ve seen this sort of stuff done a lot with the Parallax Propeller. I’m hoping to make RVR work with it in the near future once they document the communication through UART.

Here are some examples I could find:

I think there were several pages in here related as well:

Hope this helps. Can’t wait to see what you make!



Yes, I have done most of the stuff from those links already or something similar.
That’s why I supported the RVR campaign because I see a lot of potential in it to do some amazing stuff like this.
But I don’t think you have to go that low level and use a chip like the Parallax to do stuff with it. Simple Raspberry gives tons of options and it is well supported. Sure the Raspberry has much more computing power then needed for simple LED controlling and sending some commands to the RVR but it is very easy to develop and implement stuff with it. And you got a platform you can always add to if you have more ideas.

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