Ideas for a Year 4 Biomes Project

Hi there,
New to sphero and my Primary school would like us to integrate sphero with our Project Based Learning unit on Biomes and human impacts upon them (eg. deforestation in rainforests).

A group of my students have asked if a sphero can travel along a drawn map (of a biome) and when it lands at a particular location it triggers a website to open on the iPad to different pages they have created. I’ve looked through the coding blocks and can’t see anything. Is that not feasible or possible (as, to run, it would have to exit the Edu App and open Safari??).

Any other ideas? Has to be primarily an IT based idea so unfortunately they cannot send their sphero to a location and user picks up, say, a written fun fact card and other paper items. I suppose I could use QR codes at the locations but then would we really need the sphero? But I really want the students to use them!

Thank you

I’ve assumed sphero is both singular and plural? Apologies if it is meant to be spheros!