Imagine if RVR was the Size of a Car!

I was a bit bored, so I photoshopped RVR onto a road… I got the scaling wrong, but I just went with it and got this:

The lighting is a bit off, but that can’t be helped since there aren’t many existing shadows to use as reference. (I also don’t have actual photoshop, so I have to use online sites, which is why it looks so sloppy.)

Because of RVRs small size, it seems a bit, weak, at times. With this photoshop, I went for a more solid, sturdy feeling, making it look like something that could ram into a car and not even get a scratch.

This idea got me thinking; since the nubs on the treads are still quite flat, I am thinking of a way to make them a bit bigger so that it can easily handle absolutely any terrain (like sand) without losing traction. It wouldn’t be a problem, since unlike a normal car, its treads can be modified without it getting in the way of the frame of the vehicle. One of my ideas was to use those things you put on the feet of chairs, but that would reduce traction on normal surfaces. If anyone has any ideas on how to make this work, let me know.


You can get rubber feet that are used to put on the bottom of DIY enclosures. Just to illustrate:

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Thank you! That is exactly what I am looking for!