Inputting values

We have a Sphero SPDK+ which we got for Christmas to help teach my 9-year old son coding. We’re currently using the Blocks method of constructing our programs.

I’ve searched around and cannot see how you can use the controlling iPad’s keyboard input in order to interact with a user.

Essentially, I want to write a program where the Sphero will ask a series of mathematical questions e.g. some times tables. I’ll use the random number generator to generate the possible questions. I want to use some random functionality to generate different answers. and speak the questions. I can do all of this. However, what I need to be able to do is for the program to prompt the user to enter values a, b or c. and for the user to give their answer. I was then going to get the Sphero to move, play a sound, change colour depending on whether the answer was correct or not. The thing that I’m stuck with is the prompting for the answer. How can I do this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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This is a the same question as in this post: User Prompt for Sphero SPDK+.
See the responses there!


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