Is it possible to query the RVR/Bolt Battery Level?

Interesting in establishing the battery state before heading off on a “long” journey.

One of the planned grand child projects is to have the RVR emulate Gramps’ Tesla

Knowing the battery state will be key to this project.

Is there a well hidden RVR API document anywhere that would show me how to read the RVR battery state, amongst many other wondrous features.?

Given the wonder of the Sphero, family, I still marvel at the lack of useful wiki documents. I get the strong sense that there are a few experts that have figured out much on their own. A mass of folks who don’t care to know the details and are willing just to play with the published videos and code. And a bunch of folks who would love to know more but cannot figure it for themselves. (ie Reverse engineering the C++ code!) I represent that last group.

More documentation please!!

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Battery level is available and the functions are documented. Have you check the website?



Thanks! Your link got me into this site This one was failing me but now works again

Though I was looking for the battery level to be available without the need for external devices. I envisage an advanced level of coding blocks, that can be revealed as the gramps/students gain more smarts.

BUT I WILL want to get back to this site as I start to connect Arduinos, Raspberry Pis and Microbits. SIte Now Bookmarked :slight_smile:

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Hey @adrius42!

You can use the API or one of the SDKs, as @iseries1 suggested, but you can also see the device battery level when you connect it to the Edu App. A third, and most “self-sufficent” way, is that you can press the large button on the end of the battery and it will illuminate 1 to 4 of its lights to signify how charged it is :slight_smile:

Let me know if that helps!


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