Is there any way to use the Sdk with only a rvr

Is there any way to use the Sdk with only a rvr.

Hi @Robo99,

The RVR SDKs must all be run on some sort of external device (Raspberry Pi, micro:bit, Arduino Uno, etc) because fundamentally, they’re all providing an interface between your code and the RVR firmware. If you’re trying to use just a computing device (phone/tablet/Windows or Mac computer) connected via BLE, you can use Javascript or block programming in the Edu app.

With enough effort, any device that can communicate with RVR via the UART or BLE can be made to work, but the platforms on which we’ve provided SDKs are the easiest to start with. Several users on these forums have worked on alternative open-source SDKs that support other languages or hardware/software platforms. Take a look around and see what you find :slight_smile:

I hope this answer helps,

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