Issue with Bolt

I’ve bought a secondhand Bolt to help my daughter with her interest in programming, but it appears to be faulty. Hopefully someone will have come across the same thing, and offer a fix.

So far I believe the unit will:

  • Charge - I’ve had it charging for several hours until the blue LED on the base remained on
  • Connect and maintain a connection via Bluetooth to both my iPhone and Computer.
  • Respond to ‘blockcode’ which is looking to see if the unit is charging and play a sound.
  • Illuminate the rear LED when ‘aim’ is selected in the app.

The unit will not :

  • Respond to a request to ‘Aim’ the device, the LED comes on but the unit will not move.
  • Move either at the request of ‘blockcode’ in the programmer or using the Drive feature
  • Respond to code which is monitoring the sensor for collision or movement - thing is reported in the sensors page of the EDU app.
  • Illuminate the main LED Matrix for anything other than the Sphero logo just before going to sleep or a pink bolt.
  • Self correct its position within the shell.

So far I’ve tried:

  • Fulling charging the unit - left it on charge until the LED in the base remained on, not flashing.
  • Updating the firmware of the unit, it is currently on 4.2.41, 4.2.44
  • Reset the unit - Resetting Sphero - Sphero Support & Help | Sphero's Knowledge Base
  • Using the EDU App on two devices, and the play on my iPhone - the issues are always the same.
  • Checking the LED brightness for the Matrix is at full level and not dimmed or disabled

I’ve observed a really weird thing that the unit will level itself before going to sleep, I’ve put a short video to my twitter account -

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