Lightning McQueen battery won’t charge

I bought a Sphero Lightning McQueen for my autistic patient a few years ago. He became VERY attached to it and it was excellent for helping him develop attachments and motor skills. Until it stopped charging a month later. Sphero kindly replaced it, but the replacement stopped charging after 3 months. Since then, the parents and I have purchased 4 more McQueens between us, as being without it triggers melt-downs and seizures in my patient. Out of those 4, 2 would not work at all but were stuck in “updating audio.” The other 2 AGAIN had defective batteries. I bought the last one on eBay, unopened and brand new, two weeks ago. It stopped charging yesterday. You can’t imagine what it is like at my patient’s house right now. There is simply NO excuse for a product that expensive to be that defective. And so utterly unable to be repaired. We have spent almost $2000 on these cars because it is the ONE thing he loves and formed an attachment to, and because it is so helpful to him when it functions. But Sphero should be ashamed. A recall and reimbursement should be issued for ALL of the Lightning McQueens. The product design is obviously defective, based on the discussion boards alone.

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