Lightning wont wake

I’ve just updated my Ultimate lightning McQueen which hasn’t been used in a while but now can’t get it to wake. When I unplug the charger the headlights flash then nothing happens. It worked fine when I first switched it on so I did the update then left it to charge.

Hope someone can help.

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Hi @Mccall2603,

It sounds like the update may not have completed correctly. What happens when you try to reconnect with the app?


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Thanks for coming back to me Jim,

The app comes back saying it can’t find lightning and to try placing the phone on Its roof and to try again. Still won’t connect though.

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Just to be sure, you got this result with the car plugged in? When unplugged, the battery will drain (from a full charge) within ~5 days if the car hasn’t been powered off using the Turn Off button in the settings screen of the app, so it could have been powered off if it was unplugged at the time of this test. If the car is in “sleep” mode and you plug in the charger, the headlights will not normally turn on until the app connects.

If it was plugged in, then something is wrong either with the car, the app, or the phone. An interrupted firmware update shouldn’t prevent the app from detecting the car. If you still get the message about not being able to find Lightning after reinstallation or from other phones or tablets, with the charger connected, you should contact customer support by emailing

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Thanks Jim,

I wonder if the charger has a fault as the headlights only come on for a second when I plug it in.

I will contact support and order up a charger and see if that helps.

Really appreciate your help.

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