Littlebits - most valuable/useful components

(Forgive me, first time using the community forum).

Looking at the ‘Black Friday’ Sales and all the 'LittleBits kits that are on sale. I know next to nothing about LittleBits, but am quite intrigued with the modularity and flexibility of Ayah Bdeir’s approach to STEM (reading her ‘MAKE’ book now).

That being said, what kit would you all suggest acquiring that gives the biggest bang for the buck? OR, what kit contains the most useful, flexible component making it the best kit to acquire.

I’m leaning towards the:

  • Space Rover Inventor Kit > 12 components for $30… works out to $2.50 per component.
  • Music Inventor Kit > 8 components for $30… $3.75/component but seems to be some good ‘Input’ (pink) components with this one. I may get 2 of these.

Thoughts, anybody?


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