Makecode Extension no longer compatible?

I have been trying to replicate the code and steps seen here:

However, ever time I download the file, the Micro:bit is giving a 927 error which correlates to
The program is incompatible with the micro:bit version you are using. You are trying to use a feature designed for micro:bit V2 on a micro:bit V1 or an extension that is only compatible with a micro:bit V1 board on a micro:bit V2.

This is a m:bV2 so is the extension not compatible with the new board? After checking, this appears to be the one extension causing an issue.

@Sphero_JimK @Sphero_Ubow

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Hi @Caboose - We did some testing with the programs once we received V2 micro:bits, and we didn’t have any issues with our files working. But that’s not to say that something wasn’t overlooked.

Would you be able to send me the program file you are having issues with so that our team can test it out?


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Thank you for the reply Nate! I just emailed you the files. Appreciate the help

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