Making a shell for the RVR

I am looking to generate a base platform for the RVRs (think more like a tamiya shell), has anyone attempted this and is there a 3d file of the wheels available as I would like to make inserts for those.

I was told by support chat to ask on here :slight_smile:

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Try searching through some threads, there are a few people who have been messing around with similar stuff.

Nothing quite of this sort though, all I have found is the excellent wheel hub, and a variation on the build plate. I had a go at making a shell today and the first half is printing now, it is printing in draft quality as I am going to make it and then decide the best way to attach it to the build plate… likely sticky tape for this first one.

I am having a go at making a classic VW beetle shell, should be fun.

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Update: I made a shell and put it in the show and tell section it is called Sphero RVR FPV Tesla Cybertruck Project

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