Micro:bit Setup Information

As with all such opportunities, the instructions to add a Micro:bit to the RVR are frankly absent! Imagine you are a 12 year old who has both, a RVR and a Micro:bit and look for the instructions that would help them to achieve the joining miracle!

If they exist PLEASE put a link here…

If they do not please tell me how I could get access to be able to create and edit a series of Wiki Pages that would enable the achievement.

Thanks in anticipation.


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Hey @adrius42!

Did you find the micro:bit setup docs on the SDK site to be insufficient? I would love to make any clarifications/updates that you think would be helpful (/answer questions that you have after reading those docs and them make the according updates :slight_smile: )!

We also have this video/setup guide on our Edu site :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you need anything else!!


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