Microbit Sphero rvr doesn't work

Hi, there my first time writing a topic here so here goes and I’m not too good at English so please pardon that. I have a sphero rvr and I’m testing it out with microbit now previously it used to work fine when I first tried those two together(e.g when I send the command to move a certain distance through the microbit it works fine). After that, I set them aside for a few months to work on other things, now they don’t work with one another even though I used code that previously worked. so what I should do now?

Hi @KiT,

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The first thing I would check is the USB cable between the micro:bit and RVR. The port protection hardware is somewhat aggressive on RVR, so some longer cables may not work. You also need to be sure that the cable you’re using has USB data lines. Some cables sold for charging may be missing these (like the short blue Sphero Mini cables).

If you try other cables and still have problems, the next step is to post a link to your program so I can take a look. We’ll get this sorted out.


Thanks for the quick response!! I just tried switching the cables yep it works now. I didn’t expect it was a cable issue as I was using a data cable. Have a great day ahead!

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