Mini Activity Kit Shells

I noticed the unique clear shells that the sphero mini activity kits have, and was wondering if there is a way to get one without actually buying the whole kit. I really love the way they look, but of course, paying $80 (or $60 with the sale) just to get a cool shell is… not exactly worth it.

I also noticed a little something while scrolling through the activity kit page:
That ball looks awfully deformed and the shadow is going the wrong way…

Hey @Emerald_RVR!

No need to worry about that image! The clear cases are oblong! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Joking, of course, haha. Thanks for pointing that out :see_no_evil: I’ll reach out to the powers that be to see if we can’t get that fixed.

In regards to purchasing just a mini shell… at this point, there isn’t a way to obtain the clear shell without the cones and pins, arcs and barriers, and super-exciting activity cards(!) :confused:

Is the mini you have a part of the kickstarter bonuses? What sorts of fun have you been able to have with it? I just got an activity kit and I am SO excited to get to try out all the activities, especially with my little cousins when I go home for the holidays :relaxed:

Looking forward to hearing about your adventures!


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