Mini DIY RVR Stereo System

Being the basshead that I am, I am planning a sweet little stereo system for my RVR. I will be getting two 2" 12W subwoofers, a 12V Amplifier board with 15W + 15W output, and a 5V USB to 12V/24V DC adapter. Along with that I will have to design and 3D print a proper mount for the system.

My main problem is that there a basically no USB to DC adapters, only DC to USB, which I don’t need.

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You could use the 5V and gnd pins on the serial header instead of USB…


I found a good adapter combo that should work like a charm.
This USB to Male Jack combined with a female pigtail adapter made for LED light strips.


I just got the speakers and amp, and they work very well. I’ve been playing music on it all day and my RVR is still not dead.

I still need to finish designing and 3D print the housing/ mount for the speakers. Until then I can’t actually drive RVR with the speakers since they would fall off. If you can’t tell, I’m re-using my sphero mini box as a temporary speaker box, it just happened to fit perfectly.

I’ll probably also switch to an AUX cable since the RCA cables aren’t exactly small.

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