Motor Thermal Protection Status Notify is Trigger By

What triggers a * Motor Thermal Protection Status Notify* message?

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Hey Rud!

We are working on creating gifs of every light pattern, including those for thermal protection, which will be accompanied by descriptions for the different behaviors and tips for avoiding errors. To elaborate on what thermal protection entails:

In an attempt to prevent RVR from overheating, we’ve implemented a system to monitor the RVR for activities that have produced enough thermal energy to risk damaging your RVR. In the event that a buildup in thermal energy (aka heat) has occurred in the motors, the motors on RVR will shut down, RVR will be unresponsive to drive commands and the headlights will display a flashing red and yellow light. There are API commands to be notified of the Motor Thermal Protection Status or to be notified when the Motor Thermal Protection Status changes which may help you prevent your RVR from entering Motor Thermal Protection Mode, in the first place.

Certain activities can cause your Sphero RVR to heat up quickly. Here are a few of the most common ones:

  • Driving for a long period of time without a pause or break
  • Driving up steep inclines
  • Running programs that have RVR spin frequently, especially at lower speeds
  • RVR has a payload that is too heavy
  • Programs that loop for a long time

When RVR enters thermal protection mode, there is a series of events that occurs behind the scenes to monitor the recovery process; with this being the case, the RVR must be powered on throughout the entire recovery process . While “turning the machine off and on again” is often an effective method of helping stalled programs along, this recovery program becomes extra cautious if power is cut during its operation and doing so may delay the total cool-down time.

When the cool-down program has completed, the headlights stop flashing red and yellow and the thermal protection status changes to “OK” (if notifications are turned on); if motor thermal protection notifications have been enabled, RVR will send notifications for when a status change occurs pertaining to the thermal protection (letting you know both when thermal protection has been initiated and when it has finished running.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions!