Multiple classroom SPRK+ connection issues


I have a teacher who has 15+ Sphero SPRK+ robots. In her class each student has a Lenovo Yoga 11e tablet running Windows 10 (2004) and the latest EDU app installed via the Microsoft store. She’s having an issue where after about 10 students successfully connect their tablets to a robot the remainder of the students are experiencing difficulties trying to connect to the remaining robots. She has a list of the robots to ensure that only one robot is being used/connected to at a time. Some of the exhibited behavior if a student tries to connect to a free robot it just spins and then says it wasn’t able to connect. Upon closing that message instead of choosing to retry to connect it returns back to the main screen and then the robot we were trying to connect to blinks like it’s connected. We’ve ensured that they are not trying to connect to an already connected robot. It seems like the more students that connect to a robot the harder it is for the remainder of students to connect to the remaining robots.


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