My little overlord

Hi all, In addition to being a fan of Sphero projects, I’m also a huge Doctor Who fan, & it occurred to me why not combine these 2 loves of mine by using my RVR as a base to a Dalek. I’m also sharing this build on the Project Dalek Forum site (link below) I’m still just in the beginnings of this & it is going to be one of those projects that will continually evolve, as I don’t have much cash to work with but lots of ideas. Like - small air cannon, robot vision, autonomous, coil gun, etc. He, He, He. :smiley:
As it is for now, My Little Overlord it’s looking like he’s going to be about 307mm or 12inches wide & about a foot & a half to 2 feet tall. O’ & if you didn’t guess, the brass looking thing in the bad pics, is a quick mock-up I did of my RVR so I could scale my Dalek plans.

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