Noobie bolt questions


I just got my Bolt ! It’s a great little device!

I have just a few little questions:

  • What does the button on the charging station do, exactly?
  • What does the display SB-C235 mean, is that the serial number?
  • Do I need to authorize location service to the Play app on my Android phone?


Hello @gratefulfrog,

Welcome to the Forum!
The button on the charging station will reset your robot completely. It is helpful in the rare situations where your robot has an issue that requires rebooting the processors.
The display name is a feature that allows you to find the name of the robot, so you can recognize it easily in the list of the nearby BOLT. Once you log in the EDU app, and try to connect to BOLT, the same letter combination should appear in the list of available robots.
The location is used in the EDU app to access the compass of your phone, since the BOLT auto-aiming features needs it to work properly.

I hope this helps!


Yes, Quentin, that was a great help.

Here’s another, more difficult question:

I am using the Bolt to drive a robot that I built ( Is there any way to get more power from the Bolt. In my use it can only drive the robot for a few seconds before being too depleted to continue. It still rolls fine alone on the floor, though.


Could you tell me more about the way you are driving it / the code you are using?

Thank you!


Thanks for the reply!

I just use the Play or Edu app to drive the Bolt forward or backwards. The robot cannot turn, yet… I’m not sure there is anything to be done since the robot has a good amount of mass and some friction for the Bolt to overcome. I was just hoping…


The only thing I can think of then is to make sure the speed slider is all the way up!

Good luck,


Thanks Quentin!

I really appreciate your help!