Offroad RVR Idea

This idea started when I first got RVR. It is marketed as a go anywhere vehicle, but because of the nature of its build, it tends to do better on flat surfaces and loose traction (or in many cases its treads) when it encounters any debris in its path. For a long time I have been trying to develop an idea for how to make its treads work anywhere, even shallow sand.

One idea I came up with was making the nubs on the treads longer, similar to normal sand wheels. The problem is that I haven’t found a way to actually do this. The only actual way I can think of making it work is actually editing the 3D file and making completely custom treads. Obviously I have no idea how to do this nor do I have a way to actually produce the treads once designed… I’ve finally decided to come here and see if anyone can think of some way to make this work.

To give you a better idea of what I have in mind, here are some examples of my inspiration:

This is a standard sand tire, made for dune cruising and stuff. One possible design would be little hooks like the ones on this tire, but then there is still the problem of sand getting under the treads making them come off.

My other idea was to make them more like Extreme Offroad mud tires, which would probably work a bit better than sand tires.
They would also keep RVR farther off the ground and make it possible to get through slightly deeper debree.

Again, if anyone has any ideas or ways to make this work let me know.

That’s all for now, hope to hear what ya’ll think of this.

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