Ollie + Darkside FAQ

How do I connect to Ollie?
To connect to Ollie on both iOS and Android devices, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Go to your app store and download the Sphero Ollie application.
  2. With your Ollie fully charged, launch the application with your device lightly touching Ollie
  3. Ollie will connect automatically

My Ollie is flashing red :
When Ollie is not connected and flashing red, that means your robot has corrupt firmware. Here’s how you fix it:

  1. Check that you have the most up-to-date app installed.
  2. Connect to a strong, reliable WiFi network
  3. Reconnect to the Ollie app

It should immediately go into a firmware update and then initialize like normal. If the firmware update doesn’t happen, the battery may be too low to accept the update. Please make sure your Ollie fully charged up before attempting an update.

Why am I being prompted for a PIN / Passcode ?
If you receive a prompt for a Pin / Passcode, this is likely because you’re attempting to connect to Ollie in Bluetooth settings. To correctly connect, you will lightly place your device on Ollie and launch the Ollie application, this will connect Bluetooth.

Is Ollie waterproof ?
No, unlike Sphero, Ollie is not waterproof, but it is splash resistant.

Can I disassemble Ollie ?
No, do not disassemble Ollie. You can replace his Grip Tires, but the body should not be disassembled.

How do I remove Ollie’s hubcaps ?
You can remove the hubcaps with a coin or with a flat head screwdriver. Insert in the slot and twist. You can then pop new hubcaps in place.

How fast is Ollie ?
On a smooth, flat surface Ollie has a top speed of 14 Mph (23 Kph).

What is Ollie’s Bluetooth range ?
Ollie’s range is 25 meters.

How much play time will a fully charged Ollie provide ?
Fully charged, your Ollie will provide up to 1 hour of play.

Will other apps running affect Ollie’s performance ?
Certain Bluetooth Low Energy Apps can corrupt or saturate the Bluetooth stack causing both connection and performance issues when playing with Ollie. Two Apps known to cause problems on iOS are Tile and PkPkt. Both Apps run in the background and should be force quit if the user is having issues maintaining a good connection. The issue seems more prevalent on iOS8.x.

What are Ollie’s dimensions ?
Ollie Dimensions: 9.88"L x 4.76"W x 4.33"H (251mm Lx 121mm Wx 110mm H).

How much does Ollie weigh ?
Ollie weighs in at 1.38 lbs (596.8 grams)

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Hi, I have an Ollie Darkside , could anyone tell me when stationary and you pull off if there is a rug or slight obstacle is it normal that it can’t get over it and just stops? Thank you

Greetings! Most of the Sphero robots will run over a smaller carpet, but any thicker shag or a very deep rug will not be an ideal surface – your best bet is hardwood floors, tile floors, even outside on the road is okay too!

Just received my Ollie Darkside. It makes a ticking sound when I drive it. Just making sure that is normal?

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Hey @Hersel09!

The parts on Ollie aren’t super tight in order to allow it some play when traversing less smooth terrain, to let it continue to travel on its trajectory and at the same speed, so there is a potential that the clicking you are hearing is normal…

Is this happening on all surfaces?
Do you notice it at all speeds?
Is this something you could take a video of?
** While the platform does not allow you to upload videos in the same way you would a photo, you can store it on Google Drive or Google Photos or Dropbox or similar and post the link here; putting the link on its own line will display the video in your message, rather than requiring it be clicked to be viewed.

Additionally, as an aside, I am simply a lowly engineer and you may be able to get even more super useful advice if you reach out to our Support team at support@sphero.com :wink:

Looking forward to getting to the bottom of this and making sure that you can have optimum fun with your new Ollie Darkside!


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Thank you for your response. You can hear the clicking in the beginning of the video and then at the end there is a buzzing. Thanks!

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Please email support - -support@sphero.com – thank you!

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