Painting with Sphero

This is Year 3 painting with Sphero. Always heaps of fun and allows students to express their creativity.
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I love this idea! I’m using my sphero sprk+ for the activity. We are wanting to give one away at the teacher training for hour of code. which sphero would you recommend? The sprk+ or the Bolt? It needs to be sealed to do the painting activity. Thanks!

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Since I don’t want to get my sphero dirty, and since I have the equipment, I’m using my sphero to do light painting, my RVR has already become part of my night photo equipment since it works perfectly to light up scenery.

Yes its a great activity :). Either the SPRK+ or Bolt will work as they are both waterproof. Our students find using the tilt feature when painting a bit easier.

I’m yet to have a go at light painting, sounds like fun. Don’t worry about getting the Sphero dirty they clean up very well :smile:

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