Persistent and Inconsistent Wake issue with RVR, power cycle sometimes doesn't fix it

Trouble waking RVR from Raspberry Pi. SOMETIMES power-cycling the RVR and/or RPi fixes it, but lately even power cycling both often doesn’t work.

I’ve already tried quite a few things from Google / Community Forum:

  • Yes, RPi “console” on serial port is disabled
  • Yes, RPi Serial port is enabled (and this does work SOMETIMES)
  • Running RPi from RVR USB port
  • Checked voltage
  • Verified pinout from RPi to RVR (and it does work SOMETIMES)
  • Have tried both “asyncio” and “observer”

Failure mode:

  • No response from RVR (if it’s not going to work)
  • IF working, then shows output
  • When not working, has NO output, no warnings
  • IF working, then works
  • If not working, still seems to run, but no output, AND no errors