Please make our apps available again!

I’m writing to express my disappointment that Sphero has decided to pull several LittleBits apps from the App store, and encourage you to reconsider this decision.

My 7 year old son got his Avengers Hero Inventor Kit out this morning and we were very disappointed to discover that we can no longer download the app.

This has the appearance of being a myopic financial decision. Given that these apps do not require ongoing development, the maintenance cost associated with leaving them in the app store cannot be very significant, but I imagine someone who works there has to remember how to build and ship the code and you wanted to put that behind you, as you’re not generating revenue from the product anymore.

However, what you’ve done here is traded a small maintenance expense for a long term brand problem. We can’t keep buying app driven products from you if we can’t trust you to maintain the apps over time.

You’re in for years of having people discover that things they’ve bought from you no longer work.

If you simply cannot continue to maintain these apps, at the very least you could officially publish the APK files along with instructions for getting them working on android devices absent the app store. This is a minimal effort that would at least enable those of us who are somewhat technically inclined to continue to use the products we’ve paid for, which for rather obvious reasons is a significant percentage of the adult purchasers of products like these.

Thanks for your consideration.
Tom Cross

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