Problem with ollie darkside

Hi just bought for a gift an ollie darkside and wanted to try before give it.
Tryed to charge it for 30/40 minute but when i try to connect with phone it keep say wake up ollie, tryed to connenct the usb cable and then to disconnect it but nothing happen, od it need to be fully charged? there is any way to solve it? it’s a gift for a brithday in 2 days :frowning:

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Ollie usually takes a couple of hours to charge. You will see the red light go green when it’s fully charged. Try charging it fully and if that still doesn’t work try another cable.
How are you charging Ollie? Are you connecting him to a computer USB? I usually change it in the back of my iMac or PC desktop and it works just fine. The device you are connecting it to might not be giving it enough power.

Ok, the problema was that i didnt gas GPS on Active. Thanks

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Have gps active? Can you confirm? What do you mean gps?

He was probably referring to location permissions for the app. Since Bluetooth can be used to infer location by detecting other devices in range at known locations, Android requires location permissions for any app that accesses Bluetooth. Sphero apps do not use GPS, even though the permission is required by the OS.


Can you update it then? And fix your issue?

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