Program Error on Sound block of "321"


SPRK+ Firmware : 7.21
Edu app : 5.3.0 (iOS13.1.3)

Program Error has reported with Sound block of “321”.

Program Error
SyntanError: Unexpected token,expected ;

So, I cannot use Sound block of “321”.
Is there a resolve way ?

Thanks in advance,

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Hey Atsushi!

Sorry you ran into this while trying to make a super cool sequence! In chatting with the team, it seems you were able to find an experience we haven’t previously run into :speak_no_evil:

Thank you so very much for bringing this to our attention; we deeply appreciate that you took the time to come to the Community and post such detailed information about all your systems and, even, an image of what you’re seeing!

We’ll work on getting this sorted out for you so you can get back to realizing the image you had in your head :relaxed: