Question: Setting up 2 kids, 1 tablet

Evening! I’m trying to work out how to assign kids accounts on the sphero apps. It is likely very obvious and I’m just too sleep deprived to find it :stuck_out_tongue:
So far I have:

  1. Created my own account
  2. On desktop, added two child accounts with passwords
  3. Downloaded the sphero apps to mine and 2 child profiles on a kids fire tablet
  4. Logged in on my login and poked random buttons on said apps
  5. Tried logging in with their details which failed.

I haven’t yet connected the mini sphero as it’s kind of wrapped and under the tree haha!

Any guidance on what to do next to get the child profiles to link would be amazing.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi Sam - it looks like it has been a while since your initial post, but I wanted to follow up just in case you still needed some help.

Generally there are two ways to handle children accounts:

  1. Children create their own learner accounts and you receive a verification email for validation purposes
  2. You create a parent account, then create their accounts in the “classes” tab

From the looks of it you’ve started down path 2. On desktop you’ll notice a “classes” tab once you are signed into a parent account. In the “classes” dropdown is an option for managing children, as seen here:

From the “children” tab you can create new children accounts via the “Add child” button, as seen here:

Once you finish the process of creating the children accounts, your children can then log in with those accounts on any version of the Edu app, provided the device running the app is fully compatible. Furthermore, from the “classes” tab you can do a bunch of other things, like assign activities, edit the account settings for your child, and set their permissions.

Please let me know if you have any other additional questions regarding these features or Sphero Edu in general. I’m happy to help!

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