Quiz With Keyboard Input For Answers (RVR)

Hi, my RVR unit should arrive this week and I would like to code a quiz but have the answers input via a keyboard. I have seen the many quiz tutorials but these all involve answers in other ways rather than a keyboard input. All answer to the quiz will be numbers as is a math quiz for my son (to help improve his maths).

Does anyone know if this is possible using the app to have number input as answers to a coded quiz?

I would ideally like to do it via javascript coding in the app but then I have no way of displaying the quiz. I could code a web page with the questions if it is possible somehow to take the code from the app into a web browser / local environment but the app seems to be self contained so am guessing I would need to go down the Python SDK route but this then means I will need to buy a raspberry pi, etc so would like to avoid these costs if possible to code this through javascript in the app?

Any help with this would be really appreciated! Thanks.

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The problem here is that no code actually runs on the RVR. All the code is streamed to the RVR which it then acts upon.

One of the problem with JavaScript is that does not have a serial interface to communicate with you. It was designed for web pages to manipulate the contents as it is displayed.

One of the things that is needed here is a LCD display that is connected by Bluetooth to allow the JavaScript to send information to so that some information either for debugging purpose or to relay information about what is happening during the application execution.


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Hey @firebubble!

That sounds like a really fun way to teach your kiddo :relaxed:

Could you give us some examples of the types of questions you would like to ask so we can better brainstorm on the implementation that would be closest to ideal for you?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and thank you so much for sharing your idea!!


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Hi Mike, thanks for your reply. I see what you mean. It is a shame that the javascript code from the app could not be placed in a cloud or stored outside the app as then web pages could be built on a local install for such purposes. I am a web developer so you can probably see the desire to get this to a browser as then I can do so much more with it. Think I might have to go the Python route but for what I needed would be much quicker if I could just interact with the javascript code outside of the app even just on a local install.

Hi Kelsey, thanks for your reply. I guess because I am a web developer I am wanting to get this into an environment that I can use easily so if I could access the apps javascript code outside of the app I could setup a local mamp install and add php, javascript, etc to web pages and build a local site on my laptop really quickly for this purpose. Going the Python route to achieve what I would like to do will cost me some money as need more kit plus will need to start without the app which is extremely good for fast coding so just a shame I cant get access to the apps javascript code outside the app as would open lots of doors for me.

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