R2D2 Alarm Clock ? Anyone created one?

Hi there. Just picked up my first Sphero yesterday.

In the daytime I teach Computer Aided Design at a college and in the evening tend to a 6 week old baby boy and a 4 year old. Essentially I wish I had more time to get into the programming with Sphero Edu, so am looking to see if anyone has written a variation os the Sphero alarm clock to work with the R2 ? I guess it whistles and maybe shakes on the bedside table at 7 am …
if anyone has and can share … that would be FAB !

Also … if such a program exists … how does the unit know what time it is … does it rely on the time from your phone … I guess it does ? Does it have an internally clock as it were, so you don’t have to keep it tethered to the phone.

One last thing , if used as an Alarm … would it be okay to keep the USB charger tethered or does this ultimately screw up the battery ?

Appreciate any kind thoughts on any these matters …

Regards Mark

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Hey Mark!

Here is a quick program that animates the RVR after elapsed time has passed (it does not know what time it is, but can measure time elapsed via the device you are running the program on). Because the time is measured in seconds, I did the math to convert it to hours to define the hours variable:

In regards to plugging it in, you can leave it on a charger (we often leave all of our test bots on chargers so they are ready to go when we need them), but, like any battery, that will, eventually put wear on the battery. Leaving your R2 on the charger also limits the actions that it will take (R2 won’t move forward if it is on the charger, but it will animate).

Another thing to note about using this for hours on end is that the program needs to be running on and the bot needs to stay connected to your device, so you’ll need to have your device open with the program running for the entire duration of the time you are sleeping.

I hope this helps a bit and gets the wheels turning!


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Thank you both … that’s helped me understand allot more about the limitations i need to consider … Thanks again … Mark ;-D