R2D2 API doc mistake

Hello, I’m using the javascript api to get the R2D2 robot to play sounds. In the documentation is says that the format of the command is DroidName.Sound.Category.SoundName.play() and gives an example of R2D2.Sound.General.Burnout.play() When I tried to use this example I got a syntax error that R2D2 was not define. However, if I use Sound.R2D2.General.Burnout.play() it works fine. I think the docs need to be updated for this.
The docs also say the normal sounds parameter to continue/wait is not available for droid robots. The docs should also mention for this scenario that a delay command needs to be put after a droid sound is played otherwise it is cut short. Since, the droid sounds play for different lengths of time it is a bit frustrating to figure out how much of a delay needs to be added after playing the sound

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Thanks @pmoogk!

We are doing a deep dive into the docs this afternoon and will be sure to include the updates you found/suggested. It is really nice to have people like you who are so involved in helping us be the best we can be and growing alongside us!!

Hope you have fun with your bots!


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Thanks Kelsey for your wonderful support! I’m having a lot of fun programming my R2D2 robot in my spare time. I should be getting my BB-8 robot either today or tomorrow which will be fun as well. It is great that your team chose Javascript as the scripting language for these robots, since I have a lot experience with this language as a software developer. Thanks!


Well, they did “deep dive” into doc, and still, after 4 days, there is wrong descriptions and sample code.

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I completely understand why you’d be frustrated with such things!

Our deep dive into our docs was an evaluation of what changes need to be made and which should be made first, as well as a discussion about if we want to change docs platforms, altogether and how to do that in a way that is least intrusive to our users. I am sorry you are not seeing the changes most important to you having been made yet :confused:

Please do continue to reach out about any ways in which your experience can be improved so that the actions we are taking are ones that will benefit users like you most!

Most Kindly,

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I’d like to know if there is any javascript SDK available for R2D2, equivalent to the BB8 one: https://github.com/sphero-inc/sphero.js


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Hello @drage42!

That is an excellent question; thanks for reaching out!

The only bot with a supported and maintained SDK (5 of them!) at this time is the RVR. You can, however, use JavaScript to write code for your R2D2 (and all other Sphero Robots produced after the Sphero 1.0) in the Sphero Edu App :slight_smile:

The SDKs for the older bots were no longer maintained after about 4 years ago, as the majority of Sphero users were not utilizing them. In recent years, we started getting more interest from hackers/makers who wanted a bot with more capabilities than our bots up until this point (and a more in-depth way to control them (ie SDKs and APIs)). If you are interested in diving deeper into the robotics world, I would recommend you check out the Sphero RVR ($50 off right now!), which not only allows you to work with SDKs and an API, but allows you to add all sorts of sensors and robotic arms and anything you can imagine! My favorite addition thus far has been the flame thrower:

If we continue to gain traction in the hacker/maker space, we’ll be able to continue to expand and build SDKs compatible with other bots, so please keep creating and keep us in the loop about all that you do!!


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