R2D2 API doc mistake

Hello, I’m using the javascript api to get the R2D2 robot to play sounds. In the documentation is says that the format of the command is DroidName.Sound.Category.SoundName.play() and gives an example of R2D2.Sound.General.Burnout.play() When I tried to use this example I got a syntax error that R2D2 was not define. However, if I use Sound.R2D2.General.Burnout.play() it works fine. I think the docs need to be updated for this.
The docs also say the normal sounds parameter to continue/wait is not available for droid robots. The docs should also mention for this scenario that a delay command needs to be put after a droid sound is played otherwise it is cut short. Since, the droid sounds play for different lengths of time it is a bit frustrating to figure out how much of a delay needs to be added after playing the sound

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