R2Q5 does not use animation?

I just read that R2Q5 does not use any animations. Is it true?

Why? Is there something different inside than R2D2? The price is viewed similar.

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On the other side, there is video shows like R2Q5 does animations too.
So is this only bug in documentation (link above)?

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You are correct in both regards; the R2-Q5 does have animations built in and will react to the movies and other bots and whatnot, but it does not have the capacity to be controlled in the Edu App via the Javascript API (so the documentation is correct).

The ability to control animations using the JS API was released with R2-D2, which was a much more widely produced and utilized bot, whereas the R2-Q5 was a limited-production novelty item, built more for true Star Wars enthusiasts to have more as a β€œtoy” to control in the Star Wars-specific app and to watch the Star Wars movies with.

Thanks so much for reaching out for clarification and for helping us ensure that the information we are providing to users is correct!


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Thanks. it is understrable now.