Raspberry pi and sphero rvr


I’m a student in high school and I’m having trouble running the sphero rvr with the raspberry pi.
I started the virtual environment with pipenv shell withing the correct directory. I connected the raspberry to the sphero using the gpio pins. I try to run an example program and I get “Checking rvr firmware version” but the sphero rvr doesn’t do anything.

Please HELP ME!!

Hi @Drod03, welcome to our forums.

I’m sorry you’re having trouble with your new RVR. Please run through the following:

  1. (The most common issue) Have you connected it to the Sphero Edu app on iOS or Android to update it’s firmware? The factory firmware locks the UART port because it doesn’t actually support all user features. You have to update the firmware for it to communicate with the Pi.
  2. When you followed the setup instructions, did you clone or download the SDK repository from GitHub, or use the preconfigured SD card image? If it was the preconfigured image, the SDK is out of date and contains a bug affecting the firmware update check. You can update your SDK by either downloading a fresh copy or with git pull from the SDK directory.

If the above didn’t fix your problem, please answer the following so that I can more easily diagnose the issue:

  1. What model is your Raspberry Pi?
  2. Did you see any errors from pipenv?
  3. Do you see any errors in the terminal when you run the getting_started examples?

Don’t worry, we’ll get you up and running.

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