Rattle when rolling

I just got a Sphero Mini for one of my grandsons. I’ve been test-driving it before handing it over. There seems to be a lot of rattling as the bot moves around in the shell. Is that normal or have I put it back together incorrectly after charging?

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Hey @GrampaJohn!!

You sound like an awesome grandfather!!! I would totally test drive before handing it over, too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The mini may rattle a bit when rolling over uneven surfaces, but there shouldn’t be much about a properly closed mini that makes a ton of noise… Luckily, the mini isn’t terribly difficult to close well :slight_smile: As long as the two halves are snapped together, you’re golden. The “snap” the two halves make when you pop them together is pretty audible (in my opinion), which can be a helpful signal that you’ve done it correctly.

In all likelihood, as long as your mini can move around in its shell, it should be fine :slight_smile:
If you want to dive deeper:

Is the shell on the mini you got one of the ones that looks vaguely like a striped billiards ball (with a color stripe around the middle and white at the top and bottom?)? Or do you have the clear shell that comes with the Activity Kit? The “billiards ball” patterned ones are especially easy to see a proper close on, as there should not be any “white space” along the seam; as long as the color in the middle looks like all one fat stripe, you’ve done it correctly. (Though in taking the below photos, the minis are very good at closing themselves (I had to literally “hold the gap in place” to get the photos), so chances are, your mini is just fine :wink:)

Flush Clear Shell:

Gap in Clear Shell:

Flush Striped Shell:

Gap in Striped Shell:

Another way to tell if it is closed is that I can’t even get my thin fingernails into the seam when the shell is closed; if there is notable space, either visually or by feel, you need to press the sides together a little more, until you hear that “snap”.

I hope your grandson loves his new mini!!!


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Thanks for the reply, Kelsey.

The shell is definitely snapped shut. The rattle is similar to the noise that the Mini makes when you shake it, so I suppose it’s just the actual bot moving around in its shell as it moves. Does that sound about right?

Thanks again


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That does sound about right!

Thanks for working through this with me, John :relaxed:

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