Reading luminosty on Mac

Hi there,
can you read luminosity as a number in Sphero Edu app on macOS?

My BOLT does NOT return a number, as avertised, but an object with luminosity embedded in “ambientLight” property. Therefore, programs in written in “Blocks” fail reading luminosty. However, on iPhone it works.

If you are going to try it, place 1 sec delay at the beginning of the program, because reading luminosity also fails (returns 0) when calling too early.

I can read luminosity only this way on Mac:

await delay(1);
var obj = getLuminosity();
var lum = obj[“ambientLight”];
await scrollMatrixText(buildString(’’, lum), { r: 0, g: 0, b: 255 }, 15, true);

Can you confirm that?


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Hello @aconcagua,

Thank you for your question! I just had a conversation about this bug with the team, which should be fixed in the upcoming release.

Good luck for your project,


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Great, thanks!

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