Remote Learning Sessions

Has anyone tried holding remote (e.g. Zoom, Teams) Learning Sessions or Working Sessions? Where I am, schools are still closed, so I do not want to get the kids together. I am trying to find best practices and tips for conducting these session and still enabling the kids to get something out of it. I was planning on doing the Invention Cycle meeting, but other than having a camera pointed at a working area and asking the kids to direct me on what to do, I am not sure what else would work.

@dougseven - Do you have any of the robots/littleBits in students’ hands through a lending library or other means? Or are you trying to find other ways to modify some of the coaches’ guides for students without any of the hardware?

Some of the students (9 on the team) have various Sphero and littleBits products (Sphero minis, littleBits droids), but not all students do. I have two RVRs and two Bolts, plus the littleBits RVR Topper kit. This is a Cub Scout group that is doing this as a STEM activity, so we don’t have the same resources as a classroom.

The net-net is that I don’t have enough equipment to lend out so that everyone can use things at the same time. We did the Invention Cycle meeting/project by pointing a camera at a work surface and having my son be the hands for everyone, who shared ideas via Microsoft Teams video call. All-in-all it worked, but we had active participate by 3 students (one of which was my sone doing all the hands-on work) and completely inactive participation from five students (even when called on).

I am struggling to find a way to make this work remotely and get the engagement up, and I am looking for any tips that anyone has.

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