Rename Bolt

We have two Bolts and it gets a little confusing when connecting them. Is there a way to rename them so the new names shows up when connecting to the Edu or Play app?

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I don’t think so, but if you connect one at a time, you should be able to to tell which is which by when it lights up, and if you only want to connect one, just have the other one off.

Hey @codingheroes!!

I completely get how it would get confusing to have two of the same bots running around! There is not a way to change the name the BOLT is identified by, however, BOLTs do have their IDs printed on the side of the inner mechanics; in the one below, you can see “SB- 3A27” just below the white Sphero logo:

We also have “Turbo” and “Nubby” skins that you could use to more obviously differentiate them, as well :relaxed:

I hope this helps and that you are having an awesome time with your bots!