ROS driver for Sphero BOLT


I’d like to control Sphero BOLT from ROS. What is the recommended open-source ROS driver for this? Would like to know from first-hand experiences regarding: sensor data frequency, latency. Ideally, would like to find ROS driver that provides raw sensor data in the frequency of 20+Hz, supports all sensors including IR.

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Hey David!

I have had a chance to chat with the team and there was not anything developed for ROS when BOLT was released. I was told users are welcome to reverse-engineer things and use ROS to control BOLT over BLE, if that is something anyone wants to do, but an internal solution for ROS compatibility for BOLT is not on the roadmap at this time :confused: (but, with that being the case, this Community Forum is the perfect place to find like-minded individuals who might be interested in pursuing this endeavor with you/helping you brainstorm if you hit any roadblocks :wink: )

As I mentioned in my other reply to you (just putting it here for people who stumble across your question here before encountering your other question :relaxed:), RVR is really the first bot in our family that is catered towards hackers/makers, with SDKs and API compatibility and “expandability” (with the ability to add development boards and even more sensors (on top of the 6+ that are built in) and robotic arms and such) and, thus is going to be the one that has the most flexibility in areas like this and will be the main one focused on for adding new features for hackers and makers. If there is traction with people being interested in using Sphero bots outside of just the educational world, then there may be a possibility of us expanding into retroactively making previous bots compatible with more maker/hacker-friendly tools :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for sparking all of these incredibly cerebral discussions!!


(P.S. RVR is $50 off right now! If you were already considering trying it, now would be the time :wink: )

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