ROS node for RVR

I’ve created a simple ROS node for interfacing ROS and the RVR:

At the moment it just emits Odometry messages and transformations from /odom to /base_link, but I intend to also make it consume /cmd_vel messages so you could control the RVR from ROS.

Since the RVR SDK needs python 3, this needs a python3-based ROS installation; I’ll have to make a proper writeup of how to do that.


Very nice. I’ve been deciphering the protocol to create a C++ ROS interface.

Been tempted to try the Pi Python code on my desktop but resisted loading all the needed pieces. We’re moving so all my small boards (Pi, Ard, Up) are packed or would have used one of them. Will be digging into your code.


awesome! I can help with this. wOrking to use it right now and wonder if you have a couple of suggestions on getting it to work.
I Am all python3.7 and downloaded the github. should just be able to run thhe script right?

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