Runaway Bot in Draw 1

I am new to using Bolts. I am doing fine with the Blocks 1 program, but when I tried out the directions in Draw 1, I got unexpected results. Before it draws the square or circle that I drew, the Bolt dashes off at a high speed for several feet in an unexpected direction (like at an angle behind me and to my right), then it stops and draws the shape. What’s going on?

Hi @mrsmac, welcome to our forums!

I checked with our app team, and here’s what they suggested:

So it’s possibly that they accidentally tapped an area in the upper right and then drew the shape in the middle. In that case the Bolt would try and draw the first tiny line, then move to a relative position to draw the shape.

Have them undo until they can’t undo at all, and then try again. Or they can create a new draw canvas to try.

If you try this and it still acts weird, let me know and we can dig deeper.

Enjoy your Bolt!

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