RVR and Raspberry Pi Zero W


It is recomended that Raspberry Pi is connected to the RVR via the UART +5V line

But how about the Zero W which had a middle charing + data USB port?

Can the Zero W be connected only via the USB to RVR? And still have data acceess to it? B)



You would connect the RVR to the UART GPIO pins on the RPi Zero W. The USB would be to just power the Pi Zero. Works well as I had this config until I upgraded to RPi 4 since need more processing power.

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I’ve asked a similar question for the regular Pi. Extra hardware will be needed, but I’m still hoping it’s possible to only have to plug in a single cable like you can for Arduino:

If the Pi Zero W already has data & power over it’s USB and we can figure out how to use that, even better! I hope your question gets answered!

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a temporary solution (but not for Zero W) would be https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/usb-to-uart-serial-console-cable :sunglasses:

for Zero W you’d need an additional shim https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/usb-to-microusb-otg-converter-shim

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erm, you’d need the converter shim for all RPi’s :shushing_face:

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also I have not tested this hack.

please use caution when playing with electricity :innocent:

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