RVR and Raspberry Pi

Are we better using the Raspberry Pi 3 range with RVR due to their lower power requirements or is it able to power the Pi 4 for long periods? Saying that is an extra power brick for the RPi the best way forward? Also is Raspbian Buster the only version supported or does the SDK also work with Raspbian Jessie? I’m reading the SDK docs in anticipation of my RVR delivery - thanks!

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Greetings IrishClanger - Thanks for your great questions! For an optimum autonomy, we would recommend using a low power Raspberry Pi, such as the Pi Zero. You can always use the Pi 3 and even Pi 4, but the playtime of the robot will definitely go down. We cannot guarantee that RVR will provide enough power for the Pi 4, since its specification requires 3A at full load, and the RVR expansion port can only deliver 2.1A.

It is also possible to connect an external battery to the Raspberry Pi 4 to provide the extra power needed.


Yep my plan is to first develop with a Pi 3 so I can use all my peripherals. Then swap over to a Zero to save on battery.

Do you guys have estimated battery life for 3 vs Zero?

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Hi, do you know if the original Pi (2011) will work with RVR sdk?

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