RVR and Sphero Play

I bought a Sphero RVR on the French Apple Store. In the Apple Store page, we see an RVR and next to it an iPad with the Sphero Play app. It turns out that the Sphere Play app is not compatible with the RVR. Can you tell me when will that be done? Thank you.


Hey There, @IXDE!

I do see the photo you are referring to and checked with the team about it; it looks like some assets were confused when images for both the mini and the RVR were sent to Apple, as the RVR is compatible with the Sphero Edu app, but not the Play app. Apple has been contacted about the error on their listing, but has yet to fix it. You can, however, interact with your RVR and its sensors and LEDs using Drawing, Block Coding, JavaScript or the Joystick in the Sphero Edu app:

One of the things that is unique about the RVR is that you can also control it by connecting a development board (like micro:bit, Arduino or Raspberry Pi) and coding with blocks, python, C++ or Node.js. (You can find more information about these more advanced programming options at sdk.sphero.com)

Looking forward to seeing all the fun that you and your RVR have together!